Former US President Trump meets with Bitcoin Magazine and Bitcoin miners

Bitcoin Magazine released photos saying that Donald Trump met with the CEO of Bitcoin Magazine and representatives of US Bitcoin miners and promised to support the crypto mining industry. In addition, Donald Trump also told Bitcoin mining company CleanSpark that he liked what it was building. In recent months, Donald Trump’s interest in cryptocurrencies has clearly increased. He has publicly expressed support for cryptocurrencies many times and became the first presidential candidate of a major party to accept cryptocurrency donations.

According to Bloomberg, Matthew Schultz, executive chairman of crypto mining company CleanSpark, met with former US President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago with several Bitcoin miners on Tuesday night. Schultz said Trump told the attendees that he loves and understands cryptocurrencies, and that Bitcoin mining helps stabilize the energy supply of the power grid, and that he will speak for miners in the White House. In addition, Riot Platforms CEO Jason Les also met with Trump. At the time of this meeting, crypto miners are facing strong opposition due to a series of issues such as climate change and its impact on local power grids, and the Democratic Party has been leading the way in increasing scrutiny of Bitcoin miners’ energy consumption and carbon emissions.

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