Lucky Miner Lv06 Unlimited Lottery Machine


Lucky Miner Lv06 is usually used for mining in SOLO mode, but it can also be added to a mining pool for mining. However, due to its product positioning, Lucky Miner Lv06 is not very suitable for mining in a mining pool. The hashrate of Lucky Miner Lv06 is only 500GH/s, which makes it more suitable for solo mining. The device is small in size, can connect to WIFI, and is easy to set up and carry around. Whether you are eating or sleeping, Lucky Miner Lv06 will continue to mine Bitcoin for you in the background. It’s like a robot is always helping you buy lottery tickets! If you are lucky enough, you may wake up in the morning to find that Lucky Miner Lv06 has mined Bitcoin for you.

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Compare Lucky Miner Lv05

Compared with Lucky Miner Lv05, Lucky Miner Lv06 has improved appearance and feel, and its hashrate has also increased from 320GH/s to 500GH/s.

The winning probability of Lucky Miner Lv06

If you use the SOLO mode to mine, you can enjoy this reward alone after you withdraw the Bitcoin you have mined. The current reward for a block is 3.25 Bitcoins. Although the reward is very generous, the winning probability is also very low. Let’s simply calculate the probability of using Lucky Miner Lv06 to mine Bitcoin blocks

  1. First, we need to know the computing power of Lucky Miner Lv06
  2. Get the current total hash rate of the Bitcoin network
  3. Get the difficulty of the current Bitcoin block
  4. Calculate the probability of finding a block within one second

    P = (Lucky Miner Lv06 mining machine hash rate / Bitcoin total hash rate) * block difficulty

  1. The hashrate of Lucky Miner Lv06 is 500GH/s
  2. As of now, the total network computing power of Bitcoin blocks is 575.21EH/s
  3. The current difficulty of Bitcoin blocks is: 83.68T
  4. The probability of finding a block with a single hash is: 1 / (83.68 * 10^12) = 1.195 * 10^-14

The result is: P = (500 * 10^9 / 575.21 * 10^18) * 1.195 * 10^-14
The result is P = 1.039 * 10^-20, which means that the probability of Lucky Miner Lv06 mining a Bitcoin block within one second is one in 10 trillion

Let’s calculate the probability of lucky miner Lv06 winning a prize in a year:

1- 1.039 * 10^-20 * 31536000, the result is 3.275 * 10^-13,

which means that the probability of lucky miner Lv06 mining a Bitcoin block in a year is 1 in 3 billion.

Of course, there are also many people who do not choose to use Lucky Miner Lv06 to mine Bitcoin. They will use it to mine other currencies with lower difficulty.


In general, the chance of winning the Lucky Miner Lv06 is still very small, but there are several factors that can make you buy this machine:

  1. Low power consumption,
  2. Ability to run all the time,
  3. Small model that allows mining anytime, anywhere,
  4. Currently, Bitcoin is halved, and the computing power of the entire network will slowly decrease, which is beneficial to us in some ways.


  • What currencies can be mined by Lucky Miner lv06?

The LV06 mining machine supports a variety of cryptocurrencies based on the SHA-256 algorithm (BTC, BCH, BSV, DGB, etc., up to 42 types), and is suitable for a variety of mining modes (SOLO, PPLNS, PPS, PROP), meeting the diverse needs of different miners.

  • Lucky Miner lv06 Make money?

In general, Lucky Lv06 cannot be used as a tool to make money instantly. You can think of Lucky Miner Lv06 as a lottery ticket that will help you win prizes all the time!

  • Is there anyone who has mined a Bitcoin block using Lucky lv06?

Of course there are, and you could be next!

  • What is the probability of Lucky lv06 mining a Bitcoin block?

Lucky Miner Lv06 The probability of mining a Bitcoin block within a year is 1 in 3 billion

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