12KW Water Cooling Radiator for Antminer S19 S19jpro S19hyro Whatsminer M50 M30S+

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Model: Hydro miner cooling equipment

Type:Water cooling,Hydro Cooling

Power: 4.5KW,8KW,12KW

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Product Description

About Water Cooling Radiator for Asic miner overloacking solution

The miner external water cooling radiator fan suitable for ASIC Miner water cooling, GPU water cooling, and server water cooling is equipped with a 2200 rpm high-power adjustable silent fan for rapid cooling, built-in PSU, and supports 4000W high power. With a powerful power pump, high lift, and high-temperature resistance. Transparent water tank, observe the change of water level at any time. Compared with the traditional air cooling system, the miner external water cooling radiator fan has the characteristics of low noise, strong heat.

Model WC-4KW WC-12 KW
Power voltage 220v/380v 220v/380v
Water Capacity 3Liter/H 5Liter/H
Power Comsuption 4.3KW  7.8KW
Temperation 43.6 43.6
Speed range 500-4500rpm 500-4500rpm
Noise 70BD 70BD
Machine Size 675*490*155 660*525*165
Net Weight 7 KG 10KG

water-cooled exhaust adopts the application of an integrated pump and exhaust, has no environmental restrictions, waste heat can be used for heating, supports 4.5KW high-power heat dissipation, quiet and is worry-free, comes with adjustable speed fans from 500 to 3000 rpm. The manual integrated pressure relief valve and the P90 powerful water pump have an excellent cooling effect, making it widely used in various water cooling systems. The water-cooled row has a built-in 220V power supply, which can be turned on with one button, without an external power supply, and avoids repeated plugging and unplugging. It is suitable for water-cooled miners such as M56 / M36S / M36S++ / S19PRO.

It is an independent air and water cooling device developed for a single Antminer S19 miner.

It is easy to install, you only need to connect the water cooler to the air cooler, add coolant and it can run directly.

Regarding the noise situation, it can be controlled at around 40-50 decibels, compared to 80-90 decibels of air-cooled miner, the noise can be reduced by 50%, which greatly alleviates the noise trouble.
About the s19pro110t in the use of wind exhaust situation of the actual measurement data.

Using solar power or wind power has become an efficient way of mining. That means you will incur fewer costs while running the miner. As a result, we see most large-scale mining farms turning to alternative energy sources.


1. Note: the standard of the power plug, national standard, American standard, European standard, British standard, etc.
2. Note: The wrong input voltage may cause damage to the miner.
3. Note: the use of power lines, sockets, etc. with the miner to match the required power.

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