Binance official account registration, authentication, recharge, sale

1. Registration

  1. Go to the official website Click to register



  1. You can choose to register by cell phone number or email; enter your email address/cell phone number. Click [Next].



  1. You will receive a 6-digit verification code via your registered email or cell phone.



  1. Enter the verification code and click [Submit] within 30 minutes



  1. Next, create a strong account password. The password must be at least 8 characters long, with at least 1 uppercase letter and 1 number. Click [Next].



  1. If you were invited to join Binance by a friend, please be sure to enter the referrer ID (select CPA_00YYZSX8J8). Click [Next].



  1. Congratulations! Your Binance account has been successfully created.



2. authenticate

  1. When our registration is complete, we need to authenticate, first enter the official website
  2. Click “Verify Now”



  1. Continue after the jump by clicking on Authenticate Now



  1. Choose your country of residence



  1. Fill in the corresponding information here; nationality, legal name, date of birth.



  1. After completing the above process, please be patient. Binance will review your application in a timely manner. An email notification will be sent to you when the application is completed for approval.

3. recharge

  1. First, go to the official website, click on the top right corner of the charge



  1. And then choose the one that matches you, and in our case, we’re going to choose Rechargeable Cryptocurrency.



  1. First of all, choose to recharge the coin, and then choose the network (mining pool binding most of the main network), the platform will generate an exclusive address for you, copy the address to the mining pool binding can be.



4. sale

1. Sell Virtual Currency to USDT

  1. Enter the platform and select the currency you wish to sell on the Quote or Spot Account page.



  1. Go to the Trade page, choose to sell, enter the quantity you wish to sell and check the quantity of USDT after selling. Make sure there are no errors and click on Sell. After the transaction is completed, the spot account will receive the corresponding USDT.



2. C2C Fiat Currency Transactions

  1. Go to the official website, select Trade, click on P2P



  1. Select the cryptocurrency you wish to sell. You can filter all C2C ads using the filter criteria. Click [Sell] next to your preferred ads.



  1. Confirm order details. Enter the amount of cryptocurrency you wish to sell and the system will automatically calculate the amount of fiat currency you can receive. Click [Sell].



  • The order status will be displayed as [Waiting for buyer’s payment]. The merchant will transfer the money to you according to the collection you fill in.
  • After the buyer pays, the order status will change to [Verify Payment]. Be sure to confirm that you have received the buyer’s payment in your bank account or wallet before clicking [Receive Payment] and [Confirm Release]. Do not release cryptocurrency to the buyer if you have not received payment.
  • A prompt will appear confirming that you have received the correct amount of fiat currency from the buyer and agree to release the cryptocurrency. Click [Confirm Release].
  • Cryptocurrencies will be released upon completion of security verification requirements.


  • If you encounter any problems during the transaction, you can use the chat box on the right to contact the buyer directly. You can also click [Ask a Question] to contact customer service for assistance.
  • Before releasing cryptocurrency, please make sure that the buyer’s payment has been received in your bank account or wallet. We recommend that you log into your account to verify that the payment has been received. Please do not rely on a text message or email notification alone to believe that the payment has been made.
  • Please note that the digital assets you are selling are frozen by the platform during the transaction. You can click [Payment Received] and [Confirm Release] to release your assets to the buyer after confirming that payment has been received.
  • Do not agree to any request to release cryptocurrency until you have confirmed receipt of payment to avoid financial loss.
  • Please note that you cannot place more than two existing orders at the same time. You must complete an existing order before you can place a new order.

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