CKB Ecological Fund Strategically Invests in UTXO-Based Overcollateralized Stablecoin Protocol Stable++

BlockBeats News, on April 24th, the Stable++ team plans to develop the first overcollateralized stablecoin protocol based on CKB to serve the Bitcoin ecosystem and the RGB++ ecosystem, which supports new Bitcoin assets such as BTC, CKB and RGB++ as collateral, and generate the first RGB++ stablecoin, USDPP, through the protocol, which is planned to be deployed in the future on the BTC Layer2 issued by the UTXO Stack. The USDPP will be deployed on the UTXO Stack’s BTC Layer2, where it will be able to circulate freely in the Bitcoin ecosystem through the Leap feature of the RGB++ protocol.

The team members come from Google, Stanford, UC Berkeley and CMC Top 100 public chains and have extensive experience in the design and development of the DeFi protocol with a cumulative TVL of over $50 million.

CKB EcoFund believes that by strategically investing in the Stable++ protocol, it can introduce a decentralized stablecoin based on overcollateralization of native assets to the Bitcoin and RGB++ ecosystems, further unleashing the liquidity of the DeFi ecosystem, and combined with technical solutions such as RGB++ and CKB Lightning Networks, unlocking new scenarios for payments and lending in the long term.

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