Kaspa lead developer brings us important information

Said the following points:

💥Kaspa will always innovate and never close the door to development.

💥If you wait another year, the market value may be more than three times the current price. But it meant nothing to him.

💥With Krc20, Kaspa will make transferring money cheaper and more secure.

💥After the Rust update, although the goal is 10 blocks per second, this is only the minimum level. Nodes will complete transactions in proportion to the internet speed.

(For example, there may be 10 blocks per second, but 300 transactions or 3000 transactions may occur in those 10 blocks)

💥Even if he does not exist, kaspa he will never die again.

💥If Kaspa technology existed in 2013, smart contracts in the ethereum network would not need to slow down. Smart contracts are not used in this way.

💥From a different perspective, smart contracts will complete the integration of the Kaspa chain. It does not create any load on the network.

💥Miners will not be competitive. Transfer revenue will be paid to miners with full rights.

💥KAS still has a long way to go and his dream has not yet been fully realized.

💥He has no concerns about listing on the stock exchange. He didn’t care much about it.

💥DagNight updates are still being coded. They delayed Rust for some time because it was bigger than the night. But this is a necessary update.

💥In the future, they hope that every transaction in the Kaspa network will be approved in the same block.

💥Kaspium has more updates. It will be more useful. He talked a little bit, but I couldn’t understand it.

💥Stablecoin research is also under consideration.

💥Rust testing of nodes and miners continues with 0 errors. No accidents have been reported. After this week, the transition to Rust software will be faster.

💥After Rust and Krc20, everything will be different and things will get easier.

💥Once they fully realize their dream, everything the crypto community needs will be available in kaspa.

The future of kaspa is very optimistic. Now is a good time to buy kaspa miner.

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