Riot Buys 31,500 M60S Miners from MicroBT to Bolster Its Self-Mining Operations

Riot Buys 31,500 M60S Miners from MicroBT to Bolster Its Self-Mining Operations

Recent developments within the cryptocurrency mining industry have uncovered major developments, specifically concerning Riot Blockchain’s strategic expansion plans. It has come to light that Riot Blockchain – one of the premier players in crypto mining – has initiated an acquisition effort aimed at expanding their self-mining capacities through contract with MicroBT (an established mining hardware manufacturer), purchasing over 31,000 M60S miners as part of this acquisition effort.

Riot Blockchain’s acquisition of M60S miners marks an important step forward as they position themselves to significantly bolster their mining operations. Riot’s commitment to remain on the cutting-edge of technological advancement in cryptocurrency mining shows itself through this acquisition.

Riot Mining Group recently purchased 5.9 EH/s for $97.4 million to increase hashing performance – a crucial metric in mining that impacts transaction validity and network security. This acquisition represents significant investment into expanding their position within the market.

Riot Blockchain’s purchase terms average approximately $16.50/terahash ($16.50/TH), reflecting their commitment to secure top-of-the-line mining machines at an economically attractive rate. Riot anticipates receiving these units between May and June 2024 for rapid deployment that will accelerate its operational capabilities.

MicroBT M60S miners represent the peak of mining technology, featuring air-cooled design and exceptional efficiency of 18.5 J/TH. Each unit boasts an impressive hash rate of approximately 186 Terahashes Per Second (TH/s), providing optimal performance and productivity within Riot mining operations.

Riot Blockchain’s acquisition of 31,500 M60S miners marks an impressive step toward operational excellence and market leadership within the dynamic cryptocurrency mining space. This bold move underlines Riot’s dedication to innovation while cementing their place as an influential force shaping its future.

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