Trump: make sure cryptocurrency future happens in the US

Former US President Donald Trump said in a speech at the Libertarian National Convention that he will make sure the future of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin happens in the United States, will support the right of the 50 million cryptocurrency holders in the United States to self-custody, will strongly oppose central bank digital currencies, will stop Biden from destroying cryptocurrencies, and will keep cryptocurrency opponent Elizabeth Warren away from bitcoin.


According to CoinDesk, Trump has said that if he is re-elected president, he will commute the life sentence of Silk Road founder Ross Ulbrich to time served. I am very positive and open to cryptocurrency companies and all things related to this emerging industry, he said on social media. Our country needs to be a leader in this space. There is no second place. President Biden wants the cryptocurrency industry to die a slow and painful death. That will never happen.

Trump’s interest in cryptocurrencies has increased significantly in recent months, making several public statements in favor of cryptocurrencies and becoming the first major party presidential candidate to accept cryptocurrency donations.

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