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Following the success of several of the world’s largest bitcoin summits, the Bitcoin Conference has undoubtedly become the world’s largest gathering of bitcoin enthusiasts. For the past five years, the Summit has been held in Europe and the United States, with San Francisco, Miami and Amsterdam to name a few, and this year “the winds of the Bitcoin Summit are blowing in Hong Kong“.

Embrace the Year of the Dragon – Bitcoin Asia

The summit is scheduled to be held at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in Hong Kong from May 9 to 10, 2024. It will become an important event and cultural exchange platform in the field of digital currency, bringing together participants from all over the world to explore new business opportunities and promote The collision and integration of Eastern and Western values.

As an annual event in the digital currency industry, the Bitcoin Summit attracts outstanding figures from many fields such as finance, technology, sports and politics. They jointly discussed the supervision, future direction and innovative technologies of cryptocurrency, and discussed the overall plan of digital currency. The speaker line-up of the event is diverse across industries and has become the forefront of technological progress, regulatory trends and the release of important national policies. It is expected that more than 5,000 visitors, more than 500 representative companies, and more than 300 media organizations will participate, which highlights the influence of the summit and the vitality of the entire cryptocurrency industry.

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Simultaneous broadcast by the top international mainstream media

The summit’s influence is also reflected in its extensive media coverage. The number of media views easily exceeded 100 million, and major news channels rushed to report on it. From CNBC to FOX, to Bloomberg and 260 TV stations around the world, every media added a highlight to this event. 350 media personnel covering the event ensured that every wonderful moment of this event could be seen by a global audience. This is not only a carnival for digital currency enthusiasts, but also a window for in-depth analysis of future currency trends around the world.

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Official events of the summits

May 7: Hackathon Hackathon Day

Hong Kong Science Park This year’s focus is on Bitcoin’s second-layer network solutions. Choose your preferred second-tier network platform to develop your project to compete for prizes and potential investment

May 8: Demo Day Demo Day

Hong Kong Science Park Demo Day will see 15 companies competing for the chance to participate in the project roadshow finals at the Bitcoin Summit Asia on May 10

May 9: The first day of the summit Day 1

Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Learn about the latest trends in Bitcoin and business, explore investment opportunities, listen to market analysis and gain strategic insights. Main stage, exhibition hall, networking opportunities, VIP lounge, official store, art exhibitions

Whale Night

Venue to be determined **This is an event exclusive to Giant Whales, and a Giant Whale Pass is required to enter. Details to be determined

May 10: Day 2 of the Summit

Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Main Stage, Exhibition Hall, Networking Opportunities, VIP Lounge, Official Shop, Art Exhibition

Demo Day Finals Demo Day Finals

Hong Kong Science Park Finalists will present on stage at the Bitcoin Summit Asia. The judges will select the champion and runner-up

In addition to official events, there will also be many small parties (Side Events) organized by project parties. We will consider compiling a relatively complete list of events for interested participants. Organizers of side events that have been scheduled during the summit can contact us through WeChat ID @honhosing to be added to the event list.

Summit organizer: BTC Inc

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Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, since its establishment in 2012, as the first media group focusing on blockchain and digital currency, its media brands have continuously provided the most relevant information to professionals from Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley technology companies. Valuable dry goods and information. The content has been cited many times by global mainstream media such as Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, TechCrunch, CNBC, Financial Times, New York Times, etc. It is also one of the main news media sources for early domestic industry media, and its media brand articles have been cited domestically. Industry leading media such as Blockchain Pencil, Babbitt, Bikan, etc. have a large number of translations. To date, BTC Inc’s media has accumulated more than 20 million global readers. Its media brands include Bitcoin Magazine, Bitcoin Conferennce, Distributed, Ybitcoin, Let’s talk Bitcoin.

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