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About Kadena

Kadena is a cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology that is highly secure and scalable. It has already received $15 million in funding from many organizations, including SVAngel, CoinFund and others.

Kedena founders are Stuart Popejoy, William Martino

Kendena, like BTC, decreases by 0.3% for every 87,600 blocks mined, and when the 12,553,8057th block is mined, the reward goes to 0

Kadena release date, release quantity, release price

Kadena was released in 2016 with a total mintage of 1 billion pieces, with an initial price of $0.0736 and a current high of $24.94.

Kadena price prediction

We predict that Kadena price will increase by 50% and reach $1.3259 by June 2024. Now is the good time for Kadena mining, as a long term investment is a good choice!

2025 to 2029 Kadena Price Forecast
yearAnnual minimumAnnual maximum
2025$0.8175$ 1.471
2029$1.4140$ 5.895

We predict that kadena is rising steadily, in 2029 will reach the level of 5.89 U.S. dollars, such as the need to make long-term investment can now try kadena mining, WOYOU Store provides a lot of kadena miner to let you smoothly carry out kadena mining, there are also professional after-sales staff to let you worry-free after the sale, no matter you are a kadena mining beginner or experienced, WOYOU is the right choice for you!

Disclaimer: All information provided is for informational purposes only and is not investment advice!

What are the top 5 hashrate rankings for Kadena Miner?




Produced 24h

Revenue 24h

Antminer KA3



10.23 KDA


Ibelink BM-K3





Goldshell KD Max





Goldshell KD 6





Goldshell KD 6 SE





Here you can see that Antminer KA3 has the highest hashrate of 166T, which is 237% higher than the second place Ibelink BM-K3. If you are not particularly concerned about the cost, it is recommended that you can directly choose Antminer KA3 for Kadena mining.

Kadena Miner, what is the minimum payback period?

If you use the highest Hashrate Antminer KA3 for Kadena mining, the purchase price is calculated according to 4000$, it will take 447 days to pay back your capital. (This calculation is only for reference, please calculate according to the actual Kadena mining market and coin price).

How to mine Kadena (Kadena Mining)

  1. Choosing the Right Kadena Mining Equipmen

    Efficient Kadena mining can be conducted using ASIC miners.
    × CPU, GPU, and FPGA are not efficient for Kadena mining.

  2. Mining pool registration (f2pool is the example here)

    If you don’t have a mining pool account, you can go to f2pool to register, and if you don’t know how to register, you can visit our tutorial blog “f2pool Mining Pool Registration English Tutorial“.

  3. Get the Wallet

    We need to prepare a wallet for the rewards received from Kadena mining.
    The full node wallet on the Kadena website can be recommended, after installation click on Accept to get the wallet address.
    Or you can use an exchange like Binance.
    Both wallets and exchanges need to be checked carefully to prevent misuse and loss of property.

  4. Configure Your Kadena Mining Device

    Please use your Fishpond account username when configuring your Kadena Mining equipment, and your equipment must be connected to one of the Fishpond servers in order to record and monitor your calculations and rewards!

    You will need to enter the following information into the Kadena Mining Device:
    URL: stratum+tcp://kda.f2pool.com:5400
    Username: accountName.workerName
    Password: your custom one
    Note: The workerName is optional, if you have more than one Kadena Mining device, it is recommended to connect each Kadena Mining to a separate workerName for effective monitoring.

  5. The official start of Kadena mining
    Your machine is now ready to mine, and you can manage your account, view your earnings and expenses, and monitor arithmetic from the F2pool dashboard page or app!

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