Bitdeer Bitdeer Launches New Bitcoin Miner Brand SEALMINER and Launches $0.99 Reservation Miner Campaign


Bitdeer, a well-established NASDAQ-listed company, made waves in the cryptocurrency industry when they unveiled their brand new bitcoin miner series, SEALMINER. As part of their grand unveiling event, an intriguing reservation campaign allowed cryptocurrency enthusiasts to secure their place for just $0.99, while gaining priority access to purchase this highly sought-after miner – plus each reservation came with a $100 credit towards an eventual purchase! This innovative approach not only built excitement and anticipation for the purchase of the SEALMINER A1, but also offered exclusive benefits including right of first refusal as well as priority access – giving priority access as well as priority access allowing priority purchase! Each reservation comes with generous terms including a $100 credit towards the final purchase, ensuring maximum enjoyment for prospective buyers!

The reservation process works on a first-come, first-served basis, with full payment determining who receives priority in terms of right of first refusal allocation. This system ensures fairness and transparency while rewarding early adopters who show dedication and passion for the SEALMINER project. In addition, Bitdeer offers transferable rights, giving users the flexibility to customize their rights according to their individual preferences or needs.

On March 4, BitTorrent, a subsidiary of Bitdeer, made waves when it successfully developed and released its first cryptocurrency mining chip: SEAL01. Utilizing advanced 4nm process technology, SEAL01 sets new benchmarks for energy efficiency with an 18.1J/TH power consumption ratio, an outstanding achievement that cements BitTorrent’s status as a cryptocurrency innovation and technology leader.

Bitdeer’s initiatives demonstrate its commitment to progress and revolutionize the cryptocurrency mining landscape. SEALMINER and SEAL01 will make waves in the market and continue to shape the future of blockchain technology, while making life easier for enthusiasts worldwide.

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