How to mine kaspa? kaspa miner earnings charts

How to mine kaspa? kaspa miner earnings charts

KAS (kaspa) is the first small POW coin, all the way up Binance, from the historical low point has risen nearly 800 times, as the POW plate leader, and even by a strong consensus of the community called the next ETH. waves of soaring pull open the market capitalization ceilings, the POW circuit as a whole to take flight!

What is KAS(kaspa)?

kaspa is an innovative centralized Layer 1 blockchain that uses a proof-of-work mechanism and incorporates the Phantom GhostDAG protocol. Unlike other go-to first-layer blockchains that create simultaneously orphaned blocks, kaspa allows these blocks to coexist and order them by consensus. This unique approach transforms the blockchain into a block DAG (directed acyclic graph).

The GhostDAG protocol is a centennial take on Satoshi Nakamoto, ensuring secure operation while maintaining a high block rate. Currently, kaspa is aiming to achieve one block per second and would like to keep the acknowledgement time to 10 or even 100 seconds. This will result in very short confirmation times, mainly affected by internet latency.

kaspa release date, circulation

According to the official dataset in, kaspa was issued on June 1, 2022, and the total number of coins issued was 28.704 billion. The economic model of kaspa is similar to the issuance mechanism of Bitcoin, without any pre-mining or pre-sale, and all the tokens can only be obtained through mining. The total supply of its tokens, kaspa, is 28.7 billion, which is expected to be mined in 186 months, with circulation presumably to be essentially released by April 2037.3 kaspa is expected to have a total supply of 28.7 billion tokens, which is expected to be mined in 186 months.

kaspa miner revenue

No.MinerHashrateSingle-unit daily revenuePower (output)
1Antminer KS5 Pro21 Thash1268.19 KAS
2Antminer KS520 Thash1207.8 KAS
3Antminer KS38.3 Thash501.237 KAS
4Iceriver KS38 Thash483.12 KAS
5Iceriver KS3M6 Thash362.34 KAS
6Iceriver KS22 Thash120.78 KAS
7Goldshell KA Box1.18 Thash90.9 KAS
7Iceriver KS11 Thash60.39 KAS

How to mine Kaspa, using f2pool as an example

1. Kaspa Miner Description

2. Purchase Kaspa Miner according to the actual situation

  1. If you are an individual mining user, we recommend using the newly released silent ASIC Miner: Goldshell KS BOX, with a hashrate of 1.18TH/s, power consumption of only 400w, and a noise level of 35DB (52DB for refrigerators).
  2. If you are a mine owner, we suggest you to choose Antminer KS5 Pro or Antminer KS5, etc. High-calculation power ASIC Miner.

3. Register for a f2pool account, if you are already registered you can skip to the next step.

  1. please click:f2pool Mining Pool Registration English Tutorial

4. Configure your mining software

For configuration, you could use a browser that accesses the IP address of your machine, or a batch management software. You will need to enter the following information into your mining device:

Pool/URL: stratum+tcp://

User/Worker: account_name.worker_name

Password: Your choice, such as 123

Please note

  1. your information is provided in your account settings. account_name
  2. is optional, but we recommend that you label each mining device individually for more effective monitoring. worker_nameworker_name
  3. To set up the pool/URL, if your miner has a hash rate greater than 2 TH/s, use port instead of 1400 for better performance. There are also more zone URLs available in TCP or SSL format for you to choose from: 1430
North America















5. Add a payment address

If you don’t already have a wallet address, you will need to get one. You need a Kaspa wallet address to receive your mining rewards.

You need a payment address to receive your mining rewards. You can add or change the payout address in the Payout Settings. f2pool distributes mining rewards daily to every user who reaches the payout threshold (i.e. 100 KAS). f2pool’s payout plan is 1% PPLNS.

You may be able to get a wallet on their resources page ( Or use a wallet from an exchange such as MEXC or Note: You should always do your own due diligence when choosing a wallet provider or exchange.

6. Start Mining

Your machine is ready to mine and you can manage your account settings and monitor your hash rate, rewards, etc. in the dashboard or f2pool app.

Profitability of Kaspa miner

It is difficult to predict the profitability of mining directly and accurately, as it depends on a number of factors. the profitability of a kaspa miner depends on the price of kaspa, the cost of electricity in the area, the energy efficiency of kaspa mining, price trends, and more.

But we can make predictions based on the data we can get, electricity rates, kaspa miner, kaspa prices.

Let’s look at past kaspa prices


To summarize: Kaspa momentum is strong, up 800 times from its all time low, kaspa miner is becoming more and more popular among miners and attracting a lot of As we said, choosing the right kaspa miner hardware and having a powerful mining equipment with proper power infrastructure will enable more efficient kaspa mining.

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