iPollo v1 mini configuration guide

Server Setup Guide

I. Pre-use Inspection

1. Signing for Goods Inspection

  1. When signing for a new server, perform the following steps: a. Check the appearance of the package for damage. If any damage is observed, take photos and contact our customer service. b. After opening the package, inspect the server chassis for deformities, and check for damage to the fan, power cord, and cables. If any damage is found, take photos and contact our after-sales service. c. Check for any abnormal sounds coming from the server. If any abnormal sounds are detected, please contact our after-sales service.

2. After-sales Contact

Contact us through the following channels:

  • Official website: www.woyouminer.com
  • YouTube: 
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram: 
  • Twitter: 
  • Email: @woyouminer.com

3. Precautions

  1. Recommended ambient temperature: 10℃-25℃.
  2. Arithmetic performance is based on the 24-hour arithmetic performance of the mining pool.
  3. Pay attention to dust and foreign objects, humidity, to prevent corrosion of the computing board or impact server heat dissipation.
  4. It is recommended to use Google Chrome or Firefox browsers to browse the server background.
  5. Strictly prohibit connecting and disconnecting power and signal cables inside the machine with electricity. Ensure the AC side of the server power supply is reliably grounded.

II. V1 mini WiFi: Product Description

1. Main Components (pictures are for reference only, please refer to the real thing)


(1) WiFi Signal Receiver
(2) V1 mini WiFi
(3) Power Cord
(4) Power Adapter

2. Interface Introduction


3. Precautions

To ensure optimal performance and safety, please observe the following precautions:

(1) Place the server as shown in the following figure, i.e., keep it flat to avoid damage.


(2) Install power outlets near the server for convenient plug and unplug access.

(3) Both 6PIN power connectors must be connected simultaneously before supplying power.

(4) This product requires a 100~240VAC power supply for normal operation. When turning off the server, the power switch must be turned off first.

(5) For your safety, it is prohibited to remove any screws on the server.

III. V1 mini WiFi: Use and Configuration

1. Server Connection

(1) Power Connection

Connect the two 6PIN DC output connectors to the device simultaneously to ensure a stable connection for normal server operation.

(2) Internet Connection
  • Wired Connection: The “ETH” interface on the server interface panel serves as the network cable interface.

  • WiFi Connection: Install the WiFi antenna to establish a connection with the WiFi signal. For detailed instructions, visit “www.woyouminer.com.”

2. Server Login

2.1 Finding the Server IP

After the server is turned on and connected to the Internet, follow these steps to find the server IP using the “Show IP” software:

  1. Download the software: Show IP.
  2. Double-click “Show IP” to open the software.
  3. Press and release the “IP Report” button on the server for 1 second.
  4. The server’s IP information will be returned to the PC. figure below

blog ipollo4

Note: Ensure the server and PC are on the same network segment to receive the IP information.

2.2 Entering the Server Backend Management System
  1. After finding the server’s IP address:

    • Open your browser (Google recommended).
    • Enter the IP address in the browser to access the server login interface.
    • Enter the default administrator account and password: rootblog ipollo5
    • Click “Login” to enter the server background management system.

    blog ipollo6

3. Server Settings

3.1 Fill in the Mining Pool Information

Note: This manual uses “Antpool” as an example.

ETC Mining Address: stratum+tcp://

  • Select “Mining Pool Configuration” and fill in the mining pool information:
    • “Url” in “Pool 1”: Fill in the ETC ant pool mining link address: stratum+tcp://
    • In “Pool 1,” enter “woyouminer.2” for “Worker.” “woyouminer” is a customized “sub-account” in the corresponding mining pool account, and the number suffixed with “.2” is used to differentiate the servers.

blog ipollo8

Note: To prevent “Pool 1” disconnection, set up “Pool 2” and “Pool 3” simultaneously for automatic switching.

Note: The above is an example for “Antpool” mining pool. Adjust the address as needed for other mining pools and refer to the respective user manuals.

3.2 Network Settings

For network connection, V1 mini WiFi series products are categorized into two modes: “wired connection” and “WiFi connection.” You can set up the server according to the corresponding model you have acquired, and the specific operation is as follows:

3.2.1 Wired Connection
  1. Select “Network Configuration” and fill in the network information:

    • The default status of the machine is “DHCP (Dynamic)”: the server obtains the IP address automatically.

blog ipollo9

  1. In the protocol field, select “DHCP (dynamic)” or “static” (optional). If you need to set a fixed IP address for the machine, select “Static.”

    blog ipollo10

    • (a) Enter the IP address, netmask, gateway, and DNS server in the four boxes below and click “Save and Apply.”
    • (b) After the page is cached, the server configuration is complete. Congratulations on becoming a miner.

blog ipollo11

Note: The protocol information in the (static) “Network Configuration” in the figure is for reference only. Please refer to the on-site network protocol information.

3.2.2 WiFi Connection
  1. When the V1 mini WiFi server is powered on, it will send out the WiFi signal “iPolloXXXXX”; turn on your laptop and connect to the wireless signal “ipolloXXXXX.”
    blog ipollo12

  2. Browse the server’s default IP address “” on the website and enter the server login interface:blog ipollo13

  3. Enter the password “root” to enter the server background control interface, click on “wireless” to enter the wireless settings interface.blog ipollo14

  4. Modify the SSID and the corresponding password (please make sure there is no error, otherwise, the server cannot connect to the correct network).blog ipollo15

  5. Click “Save and Apply” after editing.
    blog ipollo16

  6. After the application, you need to power off and restart the server.
  7. Connect your laptop to the wireless signal “Nano (the environment of the computer’s network).”
    blog ipollo18
  8. Open the ShowIP tool and press the “IP Report” button on the server to get the new IP address of the server, i.e., the IP of the WiFi settings.
  9. Use Google Chrome to log in to the IP shown in the above tool ShowIP. Then, you can enter the server management background, fill in the information of the mining pool, and complete the server setup.
3.3 Login Password Change

If you need to change the server login password, follow these steps:

  1. The server is powered on and connected to the network.
  2. Enter the server’s IP address, password, and login information through the browser (Google), and enter the server webpage background.
  3. Click “System” and select “Change Password.”
  4. Input the modified new password in “New Password,” input the modified new password again in “Confirm,” and then click “Save” below to take effect.

blog ipollo20

Important Notes

(1) After the normal operation of the machine, please take the “24-hour arithmetic power of the mining pool” as the stability judgment standard.

(2) It is recommended to use the original standard power supply to avoid damage to the machine or safety accidents.

(3) Try to use the original standard power supply, which can suppress the voltage shock at the moment of power-on.

(4) Please be careful not to splash water or other liquids on the machine, especially on the non-casing parts.

(5) Pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation, do not block the vents, do not place on flammable materials and fabrics.

(6) If you need to dismantle the casing to check the problem, please be sure to contact customer service; opening the casing privately will not be warranted!

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