londpool mining pool and ipollo miner enter into a strategic partnership

Exciting news Londpool and iPollo Miner have recently entered into a strategic partnership. To commemorate this partnership, Londpool has generously announced that they will be waiving their fees from the 2nd of April until the 2nd of May! This limited time offer is sure to attract the attention of mining enthusiasts around the world.


While we’re eagerly awaiting the results of this partnership, let’s take a deeper look at what iPollo Miner has in store for us. iPollo Miner is a leading manufacturer of digital currency mining equipment, known for their high-quality products. Their popular miners include the iPollo V1H ETC miner, iPollo V1 Mini, iPollo V1 Mini SE, iPollo X1, and more. Now, by contacting WOYOU, you can grab the opportunity to enjoy exclusive discounts offered by WOYOU!

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the cutting-edge solutions and special offers brought to you by iPollo Miner and Londpool. Contact us now!


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