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What is Siacoin

Siacoin is a cryptocurrency that operates on the Sia network, a decentralized cloud storage platform. Sia aims to provide a more efficient and cost-effective way for users to securely store their data by leveraging blockchain technology and a peer-to-peer network of users who rent out their unused storage space. Siacoin is used as the currency for transactions within the Sia ecosystem, allowing users to pay for storage space and rewarding hosts for providing it. The platform uses smart contracts to ensure that data is stored securely and reliably.

The main goal is to provide distributed storage solutions through a decentralized approach. Although SC Coin is not as widely known as bitcoin or ether, it is gradually attracting some attention in the blockchain industry. So, does SC Coin have any investment value? There is no definitive answer to this question, and it depends on one’s judgment and expectations for the future.


The founders of SC Coin are David Vorick and Luke Champine.They started their company Nebulous in 2013, which focused on developing decentralized storage solutions. Later, they launched the Sia project, which is the foundation of SC Coin.Vorick and Champine are the lead developers of the Sia network, which enables decentralized storage and marketplaces through blockchain technology.

Issue Quantity Issue Price Issue Time

The total number of SC coins issued is 48.384 billion, the issue date is July 3, 2015, the issue price is $0.000046, the circulation volume is 48.384 billion, and the circulation rate has reached 100%. According to the latest market data, the price of SC coin is $0.15625, the return on investment has reached 33867%, the circulating market capitalization is $738 million, the global ranking is 68th, and the 24-hour trading volume is $54,497,400, and the circulation of SC coin in the market is still good from the viewpoint of these data.

siacoin price prediction 2024

Siacoin Price Forecast for 2024

What will Siacoin be worth in 2024? We forecast that SC will be worth $0.074 in 2024.

Skynet is developing on top of Siacoin and has created the Skynet App Store, where users can access many of the applications available on Siacoin. Siacoin is likely to become more valuable as it continues to develop over the next few years.

Siacoin Price Forecast 2025

How much will Siacoin be worth in 2025? According to experts, SC could be worth $0.239 in 2025.

The year 2025 could see another bull market, and the price of the entire cryptocurrency market could rise, including the price of SC. More importantly, with the development of Web 3.0, Sia could have a broader utility, which could drive the price even higher.

Siacoin Price Forecast 2030

How much will Siacoin be worth in 2030? Our forecast for the average price of Siacoin in 2030 is $1.25.

By 2030, more services may move to the blockchain, and Sia may be able to capitalize on this. The Sia development team’s plans to introduce a proof-of-burn mechanism may also be implemented around this time, which could make SC even more valuable.

How did we arrive at these numbers?

We have aggregated and averaged the analysis and forecasts of a large number of cryptocurrency experts to create a price forecast that best reflects the wide range of opinions from professionals in the cryptocurrency space.

However, the cryptocurrency market is unpredictable and news and innovations often lead to sudden price increases and decreases. Keep this in mind when making price predictions, as no one can accurately predict the future!

Siacoin miner hashrate ranking

iBeLink BMS319T3100W163W/T1824.24899632SC$19.38
Goldshell SC6 SE17T3300W194W/T1632.22278618SC$17.34
Goldshell HS6 SE8.2T2000W244W/T787.30746157SC$8.37
Goldshell HS-Lite2.9T700W241W/T278.43800470SC$2.96
Goldshell SC BOX Ⅱ1.9T400W211W/T182.42489963SC$1.94
Goldshell SC-BOX0.9T200W222W/T86.41179456SC$0.9182

How to mine Siacoin(Take f2pool as an example)

1. Choose the right siacoin miner

2. Get the wallet address

          You need a siacoin wallet address to receive the siacoin from your mining.
          In the case of f2pool, it will distribute the mining revenue every day to every user who reaches the 100SC payment threshold.
          You can choose an official wallet or one of the major exchanges, binance or OKEx.

3. Configuring siacoin miner

         Taking f2pool as an example, you can connect siacoin miner to the f2pool server to monitor hashrate and earnings
         Server list:
         You need to type in siacoin miner:

1.  URL: stratum+tcp://
2. username
3. password

4. Get ready to start making money!

         Siacoin miner can mine siacoin now!

Siacoin Miner FAQ

Siacoin Mining is it legal?

Yes, Siacoin mining is legal in most jurisdictions. However, the legality of cryptocurrency mining may vary depending on your location and local regulations. It’s important to research and understand the laws and regulations regarding cryptocurrency mining in your country or region before engaging in any mining activities. In addition, be sure to comply with any tax obligations related to mining income in your jurisdiction.

Is Siacoin mining profitable?

It depends on many factors, the cost of electricity in your location, the price of coins, the choice of siacoin miner, and also with the help of a revenue calculator you can calculate your approximate revenue.

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